Legal Support For Your Business Disputes

A business's success hinges on its ability to deliver goods or services to the marketplace efficiently. Legal disputes figure as one of the chief obstacles to this aim. Whether you are entering a conflict with your business partners, or the courts have put unlawful holds on your assets, legal matters can halt your business abruptly.

We can help. Serving in Lexington and throughout Kentucky for more than 15 years, Regard Law Group has assisted numerous businesses, large and small, in the face of legal complications. Our attorneys are adept at facilitating negotiation and mediation proceedings. Moreover, we are seasoned at trial and will always prepare to assert your rights in court.

A Comprehensive Array Of Business Law Considerations

We are adept at handling a variety of commercial matters, including:

  • Partnership and shareholder disputesWhen business partners disagree, the fallout can resemble divorce. Contracts are breached, trust is broken, and the parties must determine how to divide assets equitably. We work hard to protect our clients' interests and make sure they retain their proper shares or are adequately compensated.
  • Purchase and sale disputesPurchase agreements are legally binding; they are intended to protect both buyers and sellers from transactional risk. If such an agreement is violated, a business's viability can be jeopardized. Regard Law Group is skilled in resolving such matters favorably.
  • Civil forfeiture — Increasingly, the government is seizing assets from individuals whose business partners committed misdeeds. But you should not be penalized for your associate's actions. Our firm will fight the government to retrieve your rightful property.

We investigate matters thoroughly, accumulating evidence on our clients' behalf through traditional research and electronic discovery. We work with intellectual property specialists, tax specialists, financial advisers and other subject matter experts to ensure that we present the full scope of your case.

Keeping Your Business On Track

If you would like to speak to a lawyer, reach out to our Kentucky office today. You can call Regard Law Group at 859-559-4573 or schedule an appointment online.