Paying For Your Business Partner's Criminal Activity

The government can disrupt your business's path to success. In addition to administering tax liabilities and various regulations, there are times when local or federal authorities can simply seize your assets. This happens with increasing incidence — and not always lawfully.

Specifically, through an action called civil forfeiture, the government can take control of property and other assets suspected of aiding criminal activity. This pertains to business holdings as well, and it is often the case that an individual suffers losses as a result of a business partner's criminal conduct. If you and an associate split the costs for an enterprise, for example, and it is determined that your associate's investment funds were obtained through criminal means, the entire enterprise is susceptible to forfeiture.

You ought not to be held liable when your partner is at fault. To this end, Regard Law Group can help. Based in Lexington and serving throughout Kentucky and the United States, we will fight the government — both in and out of court — and work vigorously to recover your holdings.

How Civil Forfeiture Works

Your assets can be taken even if you or your partner is never convicted of a crime. Rather, the government only needs to establish a preponderance of evidence that the assets in question were somehow related to errant activity; unfortunately, authorities meet the preponderance of evidence statute with relative ease, as it is far more lenient than having to prove a matter beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yet there is recourse. Regard Law Group can leverage the courts to legally pursue your assets' return.

A Lawyer Who Will Fight To Reclaim Your Assets

We understand what's at stake. Your business is your livelihood, and it should not be needlessly jeopardized.

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