Protecting Your Interests When Disputes Arise

The dissolution of a business partnership is often as intense as the dissolution of a marriage. Finances and emotions intermingle, and all involved parties fight to keep their due. In such scenarios, it is crucial to find an experienced attorney who knows how to protect your interests throughout any negotiations or litigation that might emerge.

For more than 15 years, Regard Law Group has offered assertive representation to business owners in Lexington and throughout Kentucky. As a CPA-qualified lawyer, Andre Regard possesses a thorough knowledge of how to assess a business's assets and liabilities and is adept at resolving business disputes favorably for his clients. He understands the law, he understands what's at stake, and he stands ready to prepare your case when conflict arises.

When Business Partners Disagree

Disputes may stem from business concerns — if your company is not making enough money, for example, or if you and your partner are accumulating too much debt. Disagreements may also be more personal in nature, as when one partner fails to meet his or her obligations, or when there is a breach of trust. No matter the conflict's origins, an attorney can help you chart a path forward.

As we prepare a case, our firm consults with a range of subject matter experts — tax specialists, financial advisers and related professionals — to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of a business's worth and each partner's contributions. We work closely with our clients to determine whether, through mediation, disputes can be resolved so that the partnership can continue profitably. When this is not possible, we will assert our clients' rights in court.

Shareholder Disputes

Regard Law Group is also skilled in resolving disputes between shareholders. Such disagreements — whether they concern a company's future direction or how to downsize it effectively — can quickly become fraught with rancor.

We offer pragmatic counsel, informing shareholders of their options. We can negotiate favorable buyouts, divide a company equitably among owners or oversee a company's sale and the distribution of proceeds. In all matters, we work hard to protect our clients' investments.

Legal Solutions To Keep Your Professional Life On Track

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