Buying Real Estate Quickly Becomes Complex

The purchase or sale of real estate is simple in concept, but can nevertheless become difficult to execute. Agreements are frequently broken. The reasons vary — the seller changes his or her mind; the buyer fails to obtain financing; a storm damages the property. Many real estate contracts allow for such contingencies, but only to a point. Buyers and sellers alike are apt to breach a contract, and this can have a devastating effect on the finances of the wronged party.

The lawyers at Regard Law Group, based in Lexington and serving throughout Kentucky, have extensive experience litigating real estate matters. We offer assertive representation to property owners, investors, developers, brokers and business entities in real estate disputes.

When Contracts Are Breached

A great many considerations are included in a real estate contract, including:

  • The property's purchase price
  • The property's exact address
  • A closing date
  • A date to take possession
  • Any items — such as furniture or fixtures — that are to be included in the sale
  • How the title will be provided

If any of these provisions are not met, the contract is breached. The wronged party may pursue legal action and, in many cases, earn financial damages for any losses incurred as a result of the breach.

Some matters may be resolved through negotiation and mediation — if, for example, the contract only needs to be amended slightly for the sale to go through. Yet many situations require litigation, and Regard Law Group is prepared to help. Our attorneys are highly experienced litigators, with a great deal of skill in arguing at trial. We investigate the terms of the contract thoroughly, can accurately identify if and how a breach has occurred, and work hard to protect our clients' interests in court.

Honoring The Contract

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