Representing David When Goliath Strikes

Individuals frequently suffer harm at the hands of big business. The damage can take many forms. You might be defrauded into buying substandard goods. You might be injured by a defective product. Your personal information — or, equally concerning, your credit card information — might be made vulnerable to hackers.

In most situations, individuals feel they have no recourse; one may have experienced an injustice, but it can seem impossible to face down a large corporation or government bureaucracy alone.

Regard Law Group will fight on your behalf. We have represented individuals in a variety of disputes against large entities — insurance companies, multinational retailers, government establishments. We know how they approach the law and understand how to assert our clients' interests in court.

Protecting Individuals And Consumers

Our lawyers assist in a wide variety of matters in Lexington and throughout Kentucky, including:

  • Injuries from defective products — Substandard goods are brought to the market often. It is not uncommon for a car, an appliance, a food product or other goods to cause serious injury or illness. We will hold the manufacturers responsible.
  • Civil forfeiture — Our firm offers protection when the government oversteps its authority and seizes your assets.
  • Data exposure — Hackers have become increasingly skilled in mining sensitive information from large databases. If your finances have been jeopardized, we can help.
  • Securities disputes — Through false promises, doctored financial statements and other means, investors are routinely defrauded into making bad investments. We will uncover any malfeasance and work to recover what you're owed.
  • Whistleblower protections — In many cases, individuals who speak out against their employer's poor practices are punished. State and federal law protects such workers; we ensure that those laws are heeded.

Helping You Take On Large Entities

We are ready and able to support you. To learn more about how we can help or to speak with an attorney, call our firm at 859-559-4573. You can also schedule a consultation online.