When You Observe Misconduct In The Workplace

The federal government offers protection and support to workers who speak out against corporate misconduct. Through the False Claims Act and its related statutes, the government provides employees a safe way to report fraud, abuse and other behaviors that are detrimental to the public, including:

  • Charging for goods and services not provided, not requested or unnecessary
  • Misreporting test results and safety information concerning commercial goods
  • Securing contracts through bribes or engaging in insider trading
  • Selling or marketing drugs outside of the Food and Drug Administration's purview
  • Filing false Medicare or Medicaid claims

Such behavior costs the government billions of dollars each year. It has a vested interest in stopping the illegal conduct. As such, a whistleblower can receive up to 25 percent of the money the government recovers as a result of a related lawsuit.

If you have observed misconduct or fraudulent behavior in your workplace, Regard Law Group can assist as you file your claim. We help employees take on their employers, while ensuring that their rights are protected and their jobs remain safe. We have offices in Lexington and practice throughout Kentucky.

What Happens If My Employer Retaliates?

Employers are strictly prohibited from taking retaliatory action against whistleblowers. Under the law, they cannot fire, demote, discipline, blacklist, intimidate or otherwise mistreat employees who file whistleblower claims.

Unfortunately, they often do so anyway. In such cases, our lawyers offer aggressive, effective counsel. We have experience litigating against all manner of businesses — from mom-and-pop entities to multinational corporations — and will assert your rights in court.

Helping Create A Fairer System

It is important to know your rights—this is the first step toward protecting them. If you are uncertain about what constitutes protected behavior or if you would like to speak with an attorney about a related matter, reach out to our firm. You can call us at 859-559-4573 or schedule a consultation online. Meetings are strictly confidential.