When Another Person's Negligence Causes Your Injury

Recovering from an injury is a long and expensive process. There are hospital bills and doctors' fees. Your insurance premiums are liable to rise. You may be unable to return to work for a time and thus withstand the loss of potential income. Moreover, if you have suffered a severe injury, you may need to buy a new vehicle or purchase medical equipment for your home to accommodate a new lifestyle. The considerations are legion and quickly take an emotional toll.

Regard Law Group can help. From offices in Lexington, we have offered legal support to severely injured individuals throughout Kentucky for more than 15 years. If you were hurt in an automobile crash, on an unsafe worksite, while handling defective products or through other means, we can assist in the preparation of your claim.

Compensation For A Range of Considerations

State law stipulates that if you were hurt as a result of someone else's negligence or carelessness, you can recover financial damages to pay for any related costs you might incur. This includes:

  • Medical treatment
  • Lost income
  • Damage to or loss of property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

The steps you take following an injury matter greatly. Insurance companies often seek to settle quickly and for far less than you require to recover; likewise, whenever possible, they will seek to have a claim dismissed.

Our firm comprises experienced trial lawyers; we have worked extensively with insurance companies and know how to negotiate with them to leverage the most favorable claim on your behalf. If a suitable settlement cannot be reached, we will be prepared to try your case aggressively in court.

Protection In Matters Of Wrongful Death

Regard Law Group also offers assertive representation when an individual has died as a result of another person's misconduct. We help surviving family members obtain financial restitution; while no amount of money can compensate for the loss of a loved one, we are able to ensure that the deceased's spouse, children and parents are not obliged to pay any related medical or funeral expenses. We can also recover funds to cover lost income as well as mental and emotional suffering.

Legal Support In Times Of Need

Personal injury and wrongful death matters carry strict, and rather short, statutes of limitation; it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as you are able. If you would like to discuss your case, please call our office at 859-559-4573 or schedule a consultation online.

We offer free consultations in these matters, allowing us to discuss your options without obligating you to retain us.